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Hi... I'm Kat, Thank you for visiting my website.  If you're looking for assistance in making decisions about your life direction, you've come to the right place.  I offer Readings with the use of Astrology, including interpretation of your natal chart and upcoming planetary influences.  To further enhance the reading, I use Archetype Cards, and Tarot Cards.  I'm also offering group work with the study of Archetypes in the exploration of your personal Sacred Contract. Please explore this site to find ways my services may be helpful in your life.

This site is designed to give you information about the guidance you can receive from my Astrology Readings.   

Here you will find information about the tools I use in my readings:

  • Your natal chart including forecasts for the coming year
  • Tarot cards to answer specific questions
  • Archetype cards to further enhance your focus and direction.

You’ll also find information about computer generated reports
as well as how to contact me for more information.